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Colbert Presbyterian Church

4211 E. Colbert Rd.
Colbert, WA 99005

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We have 12 ruling elders, comprising our session, and 2 teaching elders, Pastor Eric Peterson and Commissioned Lay Pastor Leesa Birdsall.  Each of our 12 ruling elders oversees an aspect of our church's life and governance, assisted by committees for each area.

Joining one of the committees is a great way to become more involved in the life of the church.  Each committee meets on a regular basis and works with the responsible elder to listen for Christ's guidance, discern the needs of the congregation, and work to find solutions and innovations to help our church reach our missional goals.  If you would like to explore committee membership as a way to serve this congregation, please contact one of the elders shown below.

Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson
, Pastor/Teaching Elder

Elder Committee

Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan(2023)

The worship committee functions as a support group to the pastor, the lay pastor, and the minister of music.

Dana Bowne
Dana Bowne (2022)

Children's Ministry

We are thankful for having a dedicated group of adults who are serving the needs of our children. The committee welcomes those who would be willing to join us in this ministry. 

Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis (2021)
Adult Ministry

The mission of the Adult Ministry Team is to promote activities that will equip people in our congregation to the work that God has ordained for them to do. We promote educational activities, Bible Studies, and small group activities for the adults in our community.

Kelly Hanson
Kelly Hanson (2023)


This elder role oversees the church efforts to: Enhance the church's presence and ministry in the neighborhoods in which we live. Extend welcome to newcomers and those visiting the church. Extend care to those who may be leaving the church community.

Becky Baldwin
Becky Baldwin (2022)
Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Team meets every other month to provide logistical and prayer support for the the Colbert Youth Ministry.

Paul Warfield
Paul Warfield (2021)

Mission, Social Justice

The Missions & Social Justice Committee is where the hearts of Colbert Presbyterian Church are focused and projected out into the greater community. Our work makes a profound difference; contact me (church office (509)468-9923) to learn more and visit our Missions page  

Joyce McNamee
Joyce McNamee (2022)

The Fellowship Committee meets quarterly to plan congregational and intergenerational events and discuss ways to facilitate fellowship in our lives together. 

Mary Griffith
Mary Griffith (2019)

Care Giving

If you would like to know about the deacon ministry or would like to come under the care of a deacon, please contact Mary Griffith (church office

Elder Picture
Steve Melville (2021)
Buildings & Grounds

The care of the buildings and grounds is definitely a team effort. We hope you will join us as you are able. Please contact Steve Melville  (church office (509)468-9923) to get involved or for more information.

Jane Tucker
Jane Tucker (2023)
Strategic Planning

Rich Stevens
Rich Stevens (2023)
Stewardship & Finance

Our committee meets once a month.  We welcome members to help us analyze financial statements, seek stewardship opportunities for our congregation, and prepare information for session presentations.  for more information, contact Rich
(church office (509)468-9923). 

Steve Hogue
Steve Hogue (2021)


The Personnel Committee meets monthly. We welcome all members who would like to join us in caring for our church staff. For more information, contact Steve (church office (509)468-9923).

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