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Second Sunday prayer letters from
Errol Theophilus

Colbert Presbyterian Church

4211 E. Colbert Rd.
Colbert, WA 99005

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The only way to build love between two people or two groups of
people is to be so related to each other as to stand in need of each
other. The Christian community must serve. It must also be in a
position where it needs to be served…. ~Kenneth Bailey


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May 2017

From: Errol Theophilus <>
Subject: Re: Second Sunday
Date: May 10, 2017 at 12:46:50 AM PDT
To: Eric Peterson <>
Cc: Leesa Birdsall <>, Florence Chikwembani <>
Hello Eric and all our Colbert family. I am writing this from the cabin of an airplane winging it's way go Johannesburg, where I will attend a 2day workshop on Mediation. 
The last 3 of 4 weeks have been rather hectic with our son Ian's wedding on 29 April. We are so grateful for an absolutely splendid affair. The couple are on their way back from honeymooning in Mauritius. On Sunday we receive them at St. Andrews with a special service followed by lunch for the congregation at a nearby hall. I will certainly. Send pictures as soon as we can. 
Our Easter programme was also very meaningful. We were able to baptise a few children and receive a few new folk into membership. 
A bit of sad news is that one of our elders, Thembeka Mdayi passed away recently after losing the battle with cancer, and was buried last week. Thembeka had been on charge of the clothing bank and had served well. We pray that we will find someone soon to replace her, as with the approaching winter, the need becomes greater. 
We are hoping to hold our Leaders Retreat soon, but cannot seem to find a time suitable for most leaders. Please pray that this is possible soon. 
We have plans to build on a piece of vacant land that we own and we are seeking God's wisdom in our plans. 
God bless and keep you all in His love.
Errol Theophilus


Following is email sent from Eric to Errol Theophilus, St. Andrews, South Africa in May:

On 09 May 2017, at 12:36 AM, Eric Peterson <> wrote:
Dear Errol, 
Greetings to you and yours from your friends on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and North America. It’s a gift to be able to have this technology for quick and easy communication that allows us to honor the theology of connectionism we, as Presbyterians, hold dear.
We had a good Easter celebration last month, followed the next week by Youth Sunday where the students reflected on their recent mission trip to Mexico. Speaking of mission, a small group of people worked on a Habitat for Humanity house recently, and another group is getting ready to plant and tend the Garden of Hope. Moreover, we continue to look for ways to welcome and support the refugees that are making Spokane their home.
After a long, cold winter, our region is warming up again. A work party last Saturday got our grounds cleaned, trimmed, and looking good again for the spring and summer ahead. In addition to observing Mother’s Day, we will be celebrating the college graduations of a number of students this Sunday, and will send them off with a blessing and a gift.
Would you be so kind as to add Paula to your prayers? She is suffering from a form of dementia which is progressing rapidly. She is married to Henry, a school teacher, and they have one teenager, Peter, at home, and another son, Matt, away at university. It’s a very sad and challenging season for them.
I trust the wedding went well. We’re keen to see photographs, and eager to hear a report. Leesa will be leading the Colbert congregation in prayer during worship this Sunday, and will undoubtedly have a smile on her face as she prays for the saints of St. Andrews.
Grace and peace, Eric


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